Friday, February 5, 2016

Favorite Friday 03

For 2016 I'm doing something a little different. Every Friday will be my "Favorite Friday". I'll share an image that I've shot and that I love. There are so many photos I've done over the years, and I can really tell how I've grown and changed, so I thought this would be a fun way to look back and also share some of my personal favorites. 

This week's photo is of Megan U. and was taken in February, 2013 at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta. I rented a studio space for a day from my friend, and did a couple of different looks. This frame was one of the last ones of the day. It always gives me wanderlust, as I visualize the model as some jet setter and just wandering around cobblestone streets in a foreign city. I knew it had to be timeless and black and white as soon as I shot it, and the little bit of wind in her dress is what separates this one for me from all the others I did in that set.

Model: Megan U.
Make-up: Tiffany Alexander

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