Friday, October 30, 2015

Jennifer - Art

I used to love doing photo manipulations before I was a photographer. I did a lot of graphic design, and then I became a photographer and since my style is very clean, I don't manipulate anything anymore. I hadn't done a lot of just creative playing in Photoshop in awhile, and after my shoot yesterday I decided to just have some fun. I'm excited about how this turned out. It was a great shoot with one of my favorite clients, Jennifer! We've shot 3 times now and it's always a pleasure.

Model: Jennifer Ansari (J Pervis / Click Models Atlanta)
Make-up: Valeriya Shindrova
Photography / Digital Art: Megan Dougherty 

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Website

It's here! Check out my all new website at MEGAN.PHOTO! You will find a lot of new information and over 175 BIG, BOLD images! Best of all, it works on ALL mobile devices, computers, and tablets!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Professional Make-up Artists Conference (PMAC) 2013

I had a great time attending the first annual Professional Make-Up Artists Conference (PMAC) in Atlanta, GA on November 16 & 17, 2013. This has been my dear friend Gwynnis Mosby's vision for over a decade, and I'm so glad I was able to be with her as she brought it to life! I attended the first day, which was really fun  and full of interesting panelists and demonstrations. I was honored to have been asked to be a judge for one of the competitions, and a guest.

We shot the promotional images for PMAC back in March at my studio. It was one of the more elaborate shoots I have ever done, because the model had her nails done, hair done, make-up done, and then later she had her face painted on as well. The photography part of the ads was actually the quickest! Emily, was a great model even though it was her first time. She has such beautiful features and really made the image of PMAC come alive even more! Below you can see a few behind the scenes snaps and the final images that were chosen. These images were shown all over in the advertising for the conference.

During the shoot, I decided to try my hand at making a video. I did it just for fun, and it was actually my first time shooting, editing and publishing a video. I found it so different from photography, and it was difficult for me and took a long time, but in the end I am very happy with how it turned out and glad I did it. It really captures the spirit of the shoot and what a great time we all made that day! You can watch it below, or watch it how it is meant to be seen in full screen (and straight from my website) in HD.   


Now that I've posted all about the making of the advertising images, let's talk about the conference! The conference was held on November 16 & 17th at Le Fais Do Do event space. As I said, I was so honored to have been asked to be a judge and a guest on the first day. I judged the "haute couture" competition, which had some great talent. I was a little bit nervous realizing that I had to score the contestants and talk about what I thought worked and didn't work, but in the end it was fun and I enjoyed it! The day was also special because my husband and my dad were able to join me. As you know, I took over the photography business from my dad about 7 years ago, so it was really special for him to see this with me. My husband is also one of my biggest supporters and made sure I had everything I needed all the time.

The event space at La Fais Do Do  
(Top photo) with my judge badge, and my husband. 
(Bottom photo) Posing with PMAC founder and one of my longtime friends Gwynnis Mosby, and my dad Brian Dougherty.

Another highlight for me was meeting the legendary Reggie Wells. He was Oprah's make-up artist for over 20 years, and has worked on over 100 covers of her "O" magazine! He is such a legend in the make-up industry. He is such a sweet man and took so much time throughout the whole day to talk to everyone who came to speak with him. He also wanted one of my cards because he was impressed with the advertising photos for the conference, and said he loved my work and wondered who had shot them, thinking it wasn't shot in Atlanta. 

With the great Reggie Wells. 

Speaking about my career, and studying one of the contestant's work.

After my judging part was over, I was free to roam around the exhibit hall and see what was really going on! This is where all the vendors, and artists were working. It was amazing to see everyone's creativity. 

Later that night, there was an awards ceremony. I walked down the red carpet, and was able to see and catch up with some of my friends. There were also performances by Micah Kiyo, Wish and Skye. The awards ceremony was hosted by Eshe of Arrested Development, and actor Cedric Pendleton.    

Walking the red carpet, and with my friend and one of the hosts for the evening Eshe.

The show kicked off with a fashion show by Bramer Leon Couture.

Cedric & Eshe hosting

Toby Sells, make-up artist of the popular TV showing "The Walking Dead"  presented the award for best special effects make-up. He also won an award that evening for his work. Other winners also included Roy Wooley from Syfy's hit show "Face Off".

This peacock won the award for best in body art. It was really spectacular when seen up close! 

PMAC founder Gwynnis Mosby on stage

At the end of the night, I ran into over cover model - Emily! As it turns out, she is having a baby in March of 2014 (I am January). It was so good to catch up with her, and we couldn't believe what all has happened since we did the cover shoot months ago.

Overall it was an amazing experience to be a part of the first PMAC. I am excited to see how next year's unfolds and to participate again! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" Video Ft. James!

In 2010, I had a crazy idea of just putting some shoots together in NYC. I was going to be there anyway for one of my best friend's birthdays, so why not make a dream come true, right? I went on ModelMayhem (which was different then!) and I landed some models, a stylist, and a make-up artist and shot them over 2 days. It was tons of fun, and I was free to just shoot.

One of the models I contacted and ended up working with was James. I was drawn to his vintage look. He had been modeling and acting a little while, but was starting to get serious about it and wanted different shots. We met at the South Street Seaport and did some classic type shots there, and then wandered down back roads to shoot some more. We really got along, had the same mindsets, and together we captured really cool images showing a lot of different looks. After our shoot, he took me to lunch where we chatted about the differences of Atlanta and NYC among other things. I loved working with him, and his images are still some of my favorites to this day (some snapshots below). I have a large photo from this session in my studio, and all the guys want a shot like his, and all the girls wonder where he lives!

Even though it's been a couple of years, we've stayed friends (thanks Facebook!) and I have seen him do more fashion shows and films, but I was BEYOND EXCITED today when I was flipping channels and saw Justin Timberlake's new video for his song "Mirrors". I bought JT's album and have been enjoying it so I was interested in this video. I stared at the TV for a minute, and sure enough there is James in the lead role! I went to Facebook to see if my eyes were deceiving me, and there was the truth that he was in it (the lead young guy in the denim jacket). I love seeing my clients accomplish great things and I'm so happy for him! Check out the official video here! It really is touching, and I love how it shows the 2 couples and has a story.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Published: Empire Radio Magazine / March 2013

I'm so excited about my first publication of 2013! I just found out my photos of 2 time Grammy winning singer Eshe of Arrested Development were published in Empire Radio magazine! We shot these last year as her new promotional images. I have known Eshe for years & years, and she is someone I really admire for her strength and dedication to her love, which is music. We always have a great time together, and I just love being around her. She is such a genuinely sweet woman. You can check out the digital version here and she is on pages 37-39 (my photo is the main one, and the ones with the multi colored dress and blue background). Way to go Eshe!!! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Featured on "The Glitter & Gore"

I'm ecstatic because I have been published on one of my favorite and one of the top fashion / make-up blogs, the glitter and the gore!!!!! I just found out about it late last year, and Gwynnis Mosby and I made it a goal to get some of our images into this amazing archive of inspiration and beautiful-ness. 

I did a shoot in January with the intent of submitting it to be on there. It seemed like something they would like (but you never know exactly what people are looking for with this stuff).

I came home to check this evening, and was so elated to see my photos, there, on the TOP of the page! They have awesome photos and make-up on that site, from all over the world (including the almighty Vogue Italia!) so to even be on the same page as them, and even to be considered in the same realm is very surreal. I took a chance submitting, and then kind of forgot about it. It definitely proves that you need to just take chances sometimes and see what happens! I have no words right now and am just so very, very thankful! Fashion is where my heart is and where I let my creativity run wild and so to be recognized for it is overwhelming!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Connected Atlanta // Interview


As you know, Atlanta is a big player in the acting scene. There are tons of actors, models, producers, execs and etc all coming to Atlanta to shoot the latest TV series and even movies. A few months ago I found out about unbelievable get together called Get Connected. It is for anyone in the entertainment industry and is just bursting with creativity and energy! I loved it, and felt like it was so me, and I am sooo happy there is something like this here! I really am thankful for the opportunities it provides for everyone to "connect"!

Last month (July 28) I was a featured vendor and was interviewed for their TV show that will be shown on their website and Facebook pages to a few thousand (yes...thousand!) people. Talk about nerves building up! I was one of the last interviews and it was close to midnight, but I think it turned out pretty well. I was supposed to be interviewed by myself, but I spotted my dear friend and make-up artist Gwynnis Mosby and chatted with her and then asked if she would like to go on with me. I think it turned out much better than if it was just me, it really proves what a great combination make-up and photography are, and how it really can give you the best finished product.

I'll admit, it is a weird emotion and feeling seeing yourself on film. At first I could not believe how thick my accent is, how my lipstick had faded, oh, did I really just say that? and of course I can could go and on...You know, everyone is their own worst critic, so I am working really hard to just enjoy these opportunities I have been given to meet people, and to get my business out there to such a wide audience! After 4 years, I feel like I am so in control, and am so happy to be where I am today. Not a day goes by that I am not so incredibly thankful to my  family, friends and clients who allow me the opportunities and the support to do what I love! Thanks for watching (and please excuse the mis-spelling of our names)!