Friday, January 8, 2016

Favorite Friday - 01

Favorite Friday - January 8, 2016
For 2016 I'm going to do something a little different. Every Friday will be my "Favorite Friday". I'll share an image that I've shot and that I love. It could be of anything, and is not limited to headshots. There are so many photos I've done over the years, and I can really tell how I've grown and changed, so I thought this would be a fun way to look back and also share some of my favorites and the stories behind them!
This first week is of Shenea, taken in March of 2015. I love how it is darker and not quite as colorful as all of my other work. This was one of the last poses, and I didn't really like it a lot right after I shot it. But once I looked at it again a few days later, it really drew me in and now it's my favorite from the whole shoot.

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