Friday, February 24, 2012

Featured on "The Glitter & Gore"

I'm ecstatic because I have been published on one of my favorite and one of the top fashion / make-up blogs, the glitter and the gore!!!!! I just found out about it late last year, and Gwynnis Mosby and I made it a goal to get some of our images into this amazing archive of inspiration and beautiful-ness. 

I did a shoot in January with the intent of submitting it to be on there. It seemed like something they would like (but you never know exactly what people are looking for with this stuff).

I came home to check this evening, and was so elated to see my photos, there, on the TOP of the page! They have awesome photos and make-up on that site, from all over the world (including the almighty Vogue Italia!) so to even be on the same page as them, and even to be considered in the same realm is very surreal. I took a chance submitting, and then kind of forgot about it. It definitely proves that you need to just take chances sometimes and see what happens! I have no words right now and am just so very, very thankful! Fashion is where my heart is and where I let my creativity run wild and so to be recognized for it is overwhelming!

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